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This website is a place for members of the Vanderbilt astronomy community to collaborate on projects, check scheduled events, and share information.  It is currently set up so that anyone can see the wiki, but you have to be a registered user to contribute to it or make any changes.  If you are not a user but would like to be, send mailto:b.gabella@vanderbilt.edu who will add you to the user list.


At the moment, there are two main tools on the wiki.  One is a page for our weekly AstroCoffee meetings, and the second is a place to post questions and answers to any kind of astronomy, research, or computing question you would like to know about.  If you have other suggestions for how to improve upon or expand the wiki, post a comment on the Front page.


One step to take when you first join the wiki is to set up your notifications.  The wiki is set up so that users can be notified by email whenever there are changes to the wiki.  The way to change this setting is to go to the wiki, and at the upper right of the screen under your email address is a link to "account".  Go there, and there will be 3 tabs.  Under the "Home" tab, where it lists "Preferences" you can adjust your notification settings for the wiki, from immediate notification of any changes, to no email notifications at all.


After that, you're ready to go!

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