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Numerical Relativity

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Numerical Relativity

is the solution of Einstein's equations for gravity using numerical methods.  There are many approaches to this, the one used most at Vanderibllt is the BSSN formalism and the division of space-time into a 3+1 foliation, so that time is again explicit.  The equations divide into a set of elliptic PDEs to solve for the initial data, the so-called Energy and Momentum constraints (4 PDEs), and are then evolved in "time" with a (mostly?) hyperbolic PDE. 


Image result for einstein toolkit logo" Image </a>result for einstein toolkit logo"The above approach is used in the Einstein Toolkit https://einsteintoolkit.org/ .  The toolkit can handle matter, i.e. neutron stars, and is often used for merging binary black holes.


Another approach using spectral decomposition methods is used in the SPec code from the Simulating Extreme Spacetimes collaboration (SXS) at https://www.black-holes.org/ .


Einstein Toolkit Installs


Install Dell XPS 15


Install CentOS 7 (walle)


Install ACCRE


Run on ACCRE


Install Development Version On ACCRE


Other Resources


Baumgarte lectures in India 2013.  Go to YouTube and search "Numerical Relativity Baumgarte" or these links https://www.youtube.com/user/ICTStalks for the complete Summer School videos.  That 2013 school website is at https://www.icts.res.in/program/NRP2013 .


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