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Style Guide

Page history last edited by gabella 4 years, 5 months ago

Some style suggestions

General suggestions


  • Edit with care and delete pages almost never, but for a Wiki to keep itself up-to-date, we all must edit it.  And we must encourage new students and users to engage the Wiki.
  • Use 14-point font.
  • Normal font family is fine. 
  • Insert useful graphics.
    • Keep them a reasonable size.
    • Edit them with big red thick circles (or other bold heavy circles) for the part of a graphic that is emphasized. Like 
      • To add the graphic above, I used the "Images and files" tab on the right sidebar and uploaded the image.  Then I drug it over to where I wanted it.  Then I selected it and resized it. 
  • Use folders and subfolders for organization.  At this point, the organization is what was left over, likely we will try to change it. 
  • For commands you type, it is good if they are also 14-point font, dark blue, and pre-formatted, like  <<<CAnnot do this!! pre-formatted!!
    ./simfactory/bin/sim create-run helloworld --parfile arrangements/CactusExamples/HelloWorld/par/HelloWorld.par




Folder Organization 


Some current ideas on folder organization:

  • Pull up the Pages & Files tab in a new window or tab to see the current set of folders, subfolders, etc.
  • Use the Administration folder for just that, like this Style Guide page is there, other sorts of organization pages. 
  • Place pages and folders in the Archive folder before deleting them.  If someone screams about it, sort it out into the newer folder scheme. 


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