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Communicating Astronomy

Page history last edited by brittany kamai 13 years, 4 months ago

This page would be a useful repository of great pictures/movies/websites that everyone has used to demonstrate astrophysical phenomenon/objects given to the general public. Please upload your favorite illustrations that you feel worked

extremely well.


Note : All uploaded files are in the Communicating Astronomy folder


Why does the sun shine? : Suns Energy.mov


The Known Universe:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17jymDn0W6U

     One of the best vid's from the good people at the AMNH.


Animations of Kepler planet discoveries: All planets and Just the compact systems, where the interesting systems can be seen better.  All the multiple-planet systems discovered by Kepler as of 2/2/2011; orbits go through the entire mission (3.5 years).  Hot colors to Cool colors (Red to yellow to green to cyan to blue to gray) are Big planets to Smaller planets, relative to the other planets in the system.


Expansion of the universe : 

     Movie to understand the Doppler shift due to expansion - doppler_shift.gif

     Movie to understand Doppler shift of light due to motion - cosmo_doppler.gif

     Website : http://find.spa.umn.edu/~pryke/teaching/natsci102/spring-2004/explab/


Animation of Redshift space distortions : 

     Movie to understand the distortions due to redshift - distortion_movie.gif

     Website : http://tatania.phsx.ku.edu/feldman/redshift-distortions.html


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