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PfA - Index

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Wiki pages


Python for Astronomers - Overview and central starting page


Python Scripting at a Glimpse - cheat sheet: Python programs disected, quick Python script explanations for programmers


Getting started - getting started with Python on  a shell (ipython included)


Getting started with Eclipse - Python programming with Eclipse and the reference installation on estrella


Help yourself - How to get help about modules and functions, how to find out more about objects


Questions and Answers - What is says. feel free to edit and add questions or answers


Outline, history and next weeks topics - Links to manuscripts. Note: all sample programs used are on estrella:/home/paegerm/wpython/<yyyymmdd>/src


The morespam riddle resolved - a walk-through with graphics for the puzzling results when you use mutable default arguments and change them in-place


Installing Python Modules (PyFits) - How to install downloaded Python modules, here with PyFits as an example


Python on Accre - how to get numpy, scipy, pyfits and matplotlib on Accre (Yes, matplotlib, you don't necesarily need to show the plots, but you might want to store them as jpegs.


Parallel Python - how to harness the power of multiple CPUs in Python. It is astonishingly simple.


Commenting Python Code  - A detailed tutorial on commenting your python code with docstrings and Doxygen


txt2sqlite and fits2sqlite - Convert text and fits files into SQLite3 databases


SQLite Manager - an easy to use but powerful tool to query SQLite databases that runs in your browser or stand-alone





Note: all sample programs used are on estrella:/home/paegerm/wpython/<yyyymmdd>/src, not on this wiki


20110419.html - Working with fits-files (image and table data)

20110412.html - Reading fits-files (Working with headers)

20110405.html - Classes, methods, attributes

20110329.html - Objects and how to inspect them, You write - Python does

20110322.html - "Functions, Arguments and Pitfalls" heavily extended, be sure to read the "Aftermatch" at the end

20110315.html - "Remaining Python constructs", slightly extended


PythonIntro1.pdf , PythonIntro2.pdf - Laurens Computer Guru slides



Package Documentation


numpy_userguide.pdf  - Draft: User-guide for Numpy, installation, quick start guide and more

numpy_reference.pdf  - Numpy reference (Online)

IDL - numpy cheat sheet - numpy for IDL users. You know how to do it in IDL? Here you find how to do it with numpy. Includes features IDL does not have. Very useful!


Pyfits_Users_Manual.pdf - User Manual for PyFits, PyFits is based on numpy (no online version available)

The_PyFITS_Handbook.pdf - General Handbook for PyFits (no online version available)


scipy-ref.pdf - Scientific algorithms in Python, includes a tutorial (Online)


Matplotlib.pdf - Users Guide, FAQ, programming interface reference, Developer's Guide (Online)

Matplotlib.Gallery - Find the plot similar to what you want, click on it and get the source code for creating this plot. Very good!



Code Snippets


redirect.py - redirecting stdout of shell commands to a python script

unimport.py - How to get rid of imported modules and pretty much everything

table_extract.py - extract the table information from a fits file and print out as a space-delimited ASCII table


External Links


Official documentation for Python 2.5 , Python 2.6 , Python 2.7, Python 3.0


Perl - Python - PHP - Ruby cheat sheet - you know how to do it in in one language, see how to do it in another


IDL to Python Converter  - tested with the IDL Astronomy Users Library from Goddard Space Flight Center.



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